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If you are a contractor and have found your company on our website, claim your company profile to increase your business' visibility and look more attractive for contractor bids.

Benefits of claiming your company page

Keep your information up to date

Edit your company profile or request for registration updates in our database to ensure that your page contains the most accurate and current information.

Increase your company's visibility

Verifying your business allows general contractors to more easily recognize you and consider you for their next public works bids.

Connect with other contractors

Grow your business connections by staying in touch with contractors who find your company info and look more attractive to prime contractors.

View all your business information in a single page

Your contractor page contains all the licensing, certification, and contact information about your company. Make sure it is up to date so general contractors can easily find you.

Get discovered by over
58,000 California contractors

Stand out from competitors by editing details on your company page and give prime contractors the confidence to hire you for their public works projects.

Claiming your page is quick and easy

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  • 1.
    Find your business

    Find your company by searching on DIRBuilders.com and click on "Claim Business".

  • 2.
    Create an account

    Create an account by entering your business information, email address and DIR, CSLB, or USDOT number.

  • 3.
    Verify your business

    Verify that the business is yours by replying to the email sent to the address associated with the registration number.

  • 4.
    Edit your business page information

    Start connecting with contractors by editing your business page or request for information to be updated in our database.

Manage your business profile

By claiming your business page, you can:

  • Keep your license information up-to-date
  • Describe your business
  • Update the point of contact
  • Link to your website

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