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We understand construction, we know which projects contractors are working on.
We help contractors find the right solutions for their daily operations.

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Contractors need a large business connection base to support their business, from the bidding process to their project operations. It’s win-win by supporting each other.

  • Estimating for bidding process
  • Various bonding support from beginning to end
  • Certified payroll report paperworks
  • Inspection & surveying during contruction
  • And more...

Most importantly, we know which projects contractors are bidding & working on

It’s easy to reach out to new clients

Just tell us who your audience is and we’ll help you build business connections.


No need to scour the internet to look for new leads. Directly promote your business to the right people in one location.


DIR Builders recommends you to contractors and construction professionals who are actively involved with public projects.

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  • Reach more contractors who are ready to spend
  • We recommend you to contractors who need support
  • Accurate marketing insights to help you make decisions
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Our clients successfully find more customers on DIR Builders

“Within the 1st month of using DIR Builders, we’ve noticed a significant increase in our customer base."

Carol Wallace

Director of Marketing

"'Getting started was super easy. The team at DIR Builders is really helpful and listened to all our needs."

Mike Griffin

Vice President

"My experience with DIR Builders is great. We’ve been able to focus on our clients while growing our business"

Sean Wang


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