We try to keep our FAQ as up to date as possible. If you think something should be here but isn’t, or if anything is confusing to you, please let us know at support@dirbuilders.com.

Yes! DIR Builders is completely free to use. Search by license, certification, qualification, or many more filters to find the right subcontractor for your public works bid without any restrictions.

A DIR Builders account is needed for complete access to all of our features, which requires your name and email address.

Please refer to our Privacy Policy to learn more.

Your contractor detail page contains all your business’ license, certification, and contact information. Claim your business to manage your page and ensure that everything is accurate and up to date. Branding your business is an important way to stand out from competitors and look more attractive to prime contractors for bids.

If you find your company on our site, claim your business in order to update your information. Submit your DIR, CSLB, or USDOT number and verify the business owner email to begin managing your page.

Our goal is to maintain the largest, consolidated database of California DIR approved contractors that you can find. At this time, our database contains approximately:

60,000 Public Contractors

20,000 Public Prime Contractors

40,000 Public Subcontractors

10,000 Contractors with certifications

120,000 pieces of information on Public Works projects

Please contact us at support@dirbuilders.com if you think there’s a contractor or document that should be in our system but isn’t.

We maintain direct integrations with many sources of authorized information for California DIR approved contractors. These integrations keep the information in our system as real-time as possible.

Please contact us at support@dirbuilders.com if you think there’s outdated information in our system.

Sorry about that! If your information is wrong, please contact us about the issue by navigating to the contact section on the Company Details page of your account. We’ll review it with you and make sure the correct information is put onto our system.

Please contact us at support@dirbuilders.com if you think there’s outdated information in our system.

Our consolidated, easily searchable database of California DIR approved contractors gives you the ability to spend less time searching for contractors. Use the time you save to find the right contractors and subcontractors for your project. The information is all there!

Your account also enables you to build a platform for your business that displays your contractor sourcing history. Over time, a large, high quality sourcing history will increase your business’ visibility and make you more attractive for contractor bids.